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May 31, 2021

Weekly Week - May 31 - June 4: 

If you aren't able to watch, here's the news! Next week, the first week of June, SAC is holding a spirit week raffle. For each day that students dress up with the theme and upload a photo in their best outfit to Minga, they will be entered into a raffle! We also have a competition for the best spirit outfit, which staff will judge! The prizes for the top three winners of best spirit outfit are:
  1. A one hour escape room experience for four
  2. A 6-foot party sub from Subway
  3. $20 in McDonald's gift cards
Amazing local businesses have donated the prizes, and we think kids will love them! We also have gift cards from Hot Topic, Arby's McDonald's, Blissful Whisk, and Homegoods to raffle off. 
Please remind students of the upcoming spirit week, and if you can, show the video in class!
The days are: 
Tuesday: Monochrome Day (Wear all one color)
Wednesday: Dress like your favorite Holiday
Thursday: College and Career (dress for the job you want or the college you're going to)
Friday: "Senior" Day - Wear your cap and gown, or your best senior citizen getup (please no walkers, canes, wheelchairs, etc.)


Knight Writers:   Students and Staff:  Please take a moment to peruse the amazing talent we have at EVHS!  Give those artists and authors a shout-out!  You can find the newest edition in your email as well as on Minga.  Send your own work for publication to:  humphreysl@evsd.org.

Debate Club: 
 Do you want to learn to convince people to see things your way?  Are you looking for an amazing line addition to your resume?  do you want to win competitions and learn how to really effectively bang a gavel?  If any of these are true for you, or if none of them are, come join Debate  Club!  We meet every Wednesday at 2:45pm.  Email Mrs. Hennessey at:  hennesseyk@evsd.org for the Zoom link.

Library:  The library has tons of new books, both print and digital.  Make sure to fill out a request form or visit the SORA app to find your next great read.

Laptop Loaners -  
Students - in the event your computer is in repair and you need to take a loaner home make sure you sign into your loaner at school before you leave.  If not, the loaner will not work for you at home.

Our library has a digital collection!  There are currently more than 220 eBooks and audiobooks available RIGHT NOW on Sora, EVHS Library's digital reading app.  Log in through your laptop or phone today to check out a new title.   Download the Sora app, find out school, then use our student Gmail account to log in.  You can read FREE eBooks and audio books from anywhere and at any time.  If you want more information, stop by and see Ms. Mead.

Wondering how to get your hands on a library book?  Don't worry, it's easy!  If you know a specific book you want, you can fill out the book request form and the book (or books) of your choice will be delivered to your 4th period class.  If you're not sure what you want, you are in luck!  You can fill out the "Surprise! Book Bundle" request form and a bundle of 3 books based on your likes and dislikes will be delivered to your 4th period class.  You can get to these forms by using the QR codes on the posters outside the library and around the school, in your English class, from the EVHS library website, and some of your teachers even posted these forms in your Classroom Resources!  If you are still having trouble finding them, send Ms. Mead an email.

Athletics - Scores and Upcoming Events:

Visit the EVHS Activities page - you will find a list of all the athletics and activities we offer! Sports currently going on include: cross-country, football, girls soccer, slow-pitch softball, and volleyball.

Upcoming Events:



Middle School:  High School students should not go to the middle school campus before or after school.

Students Who Drive to EVHS: 
You need to have purchased a Parking Pass in the Business Office and it needs to be displayed in your vehicle at all times.  There is no student parking in the east parking lot - this lot is for staff only.

Skill Center:  
All Skill Center students need to come to the counseling center to pick up a transportation form. You are not allowed to drive unless you have this form filled out and returned. Students, if you attend Skill Center in the afternoon, you will not be released from class by your teacher until 10:50 am.  If you leave class earlier than this you will be referred to the administration for a conference.  Thank you for following this policy.

Dress Code: 
As a reminder - our school day dress needs to be appropriate - this means that pants below the waistline, bare midriffs due to short shirts, and clothing that speaks to drugs or alcohol will not be allowed.  All staff will be connecting with students who are not wearing appropriate clothing throughout each day.  If you are not wearing appropriate clothing you may be asked to change or we will contact home for more appropriate clothes to be brought to school for you.  We want all of our students to display professionalism and dress in a manner suitable for an educational environment. Be sure you are following the dress code on a daily basis and dress to impress!

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LAPTOPS IN YOUR VEHICLES.  Not only are computers susceptible to damage due to cold and heat, leaving a $1000 piece of technology in your car creates an excellent target for thieves.  A good rule of thumb:  if you wouldn't do it to your phone, don't do it to your laptop.

Loaner Laptops: 
If you need a loaner laptop, you should come to the library FIRST THING when you arrive - BEFORE SCHOOL.  The library staff is not always available to help you in the middle of the period so be responsible and take care of your needs BEFORE school starts!  If Ms. Mead is teaching classes, she will not check out a loaner to you.  It is your responsibility to check out your loaner before school begins.

Lunch Reminder: 
All food purchased in the cafeteria at lunch may not be taken to the parking lot to eat. Food may be eaten in the cafeteria, the tiled area outside of the commons, and the courtyard.  Please remember to clean up after yourself - the courtyard and tiled areas have been littered with garbage after both lunches.

Campus - Open/Closed: Students - as a reminder, East Valley High School is a closed campus.  This means students are not allowed to go out of the building to the parking lot during class or passing period.  The campus is only open during lunch time to juniors and seniors in good standing.  Students will not be allowed to go get items from cars in the parking lot during any class time or passing period.

Food Delivered to Classrooms: Please remember that ordering food online during class time and having it delivered to you during class time is prohibited. This causes a disruption to the learning environment so please respect this policy or progressive discipline will be applied.

Do you have a job? Did you know you can earn a half credit for working and come to school late or leave early? Come to the counseling center to find out more information.

Not on Campus After School Hours: Please note you must exit the high school by 2:35pm unless you are staying for an adult supervised activity.

Parking Lots: Please remember students may not occupy or visit the parking lots in between class periods without the permission of a teacher, Joe Salmon, or an Administrator. The only exception to these rules are at lunch IF the student has an approved Off-Campus Lunch Pass, and they intend to leave school grounds for lunch.

Bus Transportation: Bus drivers may no longer accept parent notes from students to ride another bus home. Students will now need to pick up a temporary bus pass from Jeanie. A note or phone call to Jeanie from a parent is needed in order to get a temporary bus pass. Take care of this BEFORE 2:30pm.



As you continue to fill out applications to your post-secondary schools as well as completing your FAFSA, do not forget to also secure ways to pay for your education by regularly checking the active scholarship opportunities listed in your grad year Google Classroom!  Remember to apply early and apply often!  Also, don't forget that applying for all award amounts is a good way to ensure you have a better chance of winning money!

Transcript requests: If you would like to have your final transcript sent to a college, educational institute or to your home after graduation, please fill out the yellow transcript request form located at the counseling desk. All fines must be cleared before transcripts are sent out. Do Not go to EVSD.org as this site is for past graduates only.

Scholarships/Careers/College/Military Visits:

Students!  Are you a senior applying to college?  Thinking about a military career?  Just starting high school?  It's time to get College and Career ready!  Check your graduating class Google Classroom for active links for virtual college tours, career fairs, financial aid and scholarship night, and information on ROTC programs!


Transcript Requests:

Seniors & Underclassmen: Requesting a transcript through the EV website is for past graduates only. All students needing a transcript need to stop by the counseling desk to sign the red transcript request form.


To request a transcript - please use the red sign-up sheet located on the senior bulletin board in the counseling hall (located on the left side just before the steps). Please sign your name & where you want your transcript sent. Provide an address for out of area colleges. If you want to pick your transcript up, it will be in the transcript cubby located on the right of the bulletin board in an envelope with your name on it. Transcripts are generated twice a week so please plan ahead. All transcript requests need to be picked up by Friday of the week requested. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST A TRANSCRIPT THROUGH THE WEB, THAT OPTION IS FOR PAST GRADUATES ONLY. TECHNOLOGY WILL NOT PRINT TRANSCRIPTS. PLEASE NO NOT ORDER YOUR TRANSCRIPT FROM YOUR COUNSELOR VIA E-MAIL.


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