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Wednesday -  September 11, 2019


FBLA:  Com join the FBLA FunBlast Wednesday, September 11, from 3-5pm in the library!  Speed dating, Trivia Challenge, and Just Dance.  Food and drink are provided.  Come give FBLA Fun a try!

Debate:  Want to win awards for arguing?  Come to the first official debate meeting after school this Thursday in room 151!  Touch base with Ms. Hennessey if you have any questions.

Book Club:  JOIN THE BOOK CLUB!  We are having an informational meeting Wednesday morning at 7:40am in the library.

Knowledge Bowl:  Here is your trivia question for the day:  Decompression sickness, which can happen when a driver resurfaces too quickly, is also called what?  Knowledge Bowl is back, and if you like trivia, you will love Knowledge Bowl.  the first meeting is Tuesday, September 17, at 2:30pm.  Come join the fun and enjoy delicious snacks!  the answer to the trivia question:  decompression sickness is commonly called "the bends".

Film Club:  Do you like watching movies?  Do you like talking about movies?  Do you like taking during movies?  Unless you are the last one, come join us at Film Club!  To learn more, attend our first meeting Wednesday morning at 7:30am in Mrs. Humphreys room (146).

Freshmen Class Officers:  Applications for class office are available at the front reception counter and in front of room 131 (Redmond).  Deadline to apply is September 6 @ 2:45pm.

2019-2020 ASB Officers:  Congratulations to - Destiny Hillyard, President; Zach Thornton, President-Elect; Julia Hansen, Treasurer; Shaylee Brown, Activities Coordinator; and Brie Holecek, Public Relations.  The position for Secretary is still open.  Current sophomores and juniors with a GPA of at least 3.0 are eligible to run.  Packets are available outside room 142 and are due by Wednesday, March 20.


Athletics - Scores and Upcoming Events:
Visit the EVHS Activities page - you will find a list of all the athletics and activities we offer! Sports currently going on include: cross-country, football, girls soccer, slow-pitch softball, and volleyball. Scores:        F Football Deer Park 22 - Knights 8 V Volleyball Lewis & Clark 2 - Knights 3 JV Volleyball Lewis & Clark 2 - Knights 0 C Volleyball Lewis & Clark 2 - Knights 0 F Volleyball Lewis & Clark 1 - Knights 2                 

Upcoming Events:


V Soccer will host Mead under the lights beginning at 6pm


Frosh Football will travel to Lakeland
Volleyball will host Cheney
Softball will host Mead
V Football will host Lakeland
JV Soccer will host U-Hi
V Soccer will travel to H-Hi

Volleyball will participate in the Freeman Rip a Shot tournament
Cross-Country will compete in the Highlander Invite


Library:   The library is open for business!  Stop in and check out a great book to start your school year off right.  Don't forget the library is also open during lunchtime.  Gather with your friends to eat and chat, or work on homework in a quiet place.  Just make sure you clean up after yourself and take your tray back to the cafeteria!  

Skill Center:  Students, if you attend Skills Center in the afternoon, you will not be released from class by your teacher until 10:50 am.  If you leave class earlier than this you will be referred to the administration for a conference.  Thank you for following this policy.

Dress Code:  As a reminder - our school day dress needs to be appropriate - this means that pants below the waistline, bare midriffs due to short shirts, and clothing that speaks to drugs or alcohol will not be allowed.  All staff will be connecting with students who are not wearing appropriate clothing throughout each day.  If you are not wearing appropriate clothing you may be asked to change or we will contact home for more appropriate clothes to be brought to school for you.

Laptops:  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR LAPTOPS IN YOUR VEHICLES.  Not only are computers susceptible to damage due to cold and heat, leaving a $1000 piece of technology in your car creates an excellent target for thieves.  A good rule of thumb:  if you wouldn't do it to your phone, don't do it to your laptop.


Lunch Reminder:  All food purchased in the cafeteria at lunch may not be taken to the parking lot to eat. Food may be eaten in the cafeteria, the tiled area outside of the commons, and the courtyard.  Please remember to clean up after yourself - the courtyard and tiled areas have been littered with garbage after both lunches.

Campus - Open/Closed: Our campus is only considered an open campus for Juniors and Seniors during their scheduled lunch time.  Starting on Monday, any juniors and seniors wishing to exit the building during their lunch time will be required to show their student ID.  If you have lost or misplaced your student ID, one can be purchased for $5 in the business office.  All other students are required to stay inside the building during lunch.  The courtyard area is now closed until warmer weather permits.  Thank you!

Food Delivered to Classrooms: please remember that ordering food online during class time and having it delivered to you during class time is prohibited. This causes a disruption to the learning environment so please respect this policy or progressive discipline will be applied.

School Dress: We want all of our students to display professionalism and dress in a manner suitable for an educational environment. Be sure you are following the dress code on a daily basis and dress to impress!

Skill Center: All Skill Center students need to come to the counseling center to pick up a transportation form. You are not allowed to drive unless you have this form filled out and returned.

Do you have a job? Did you know you can earn a half credit for working and come to school late or leave early? Come to the counseling center to find out more information.

Not on Campus After School Hours: Please note you must exit the high school by 2:35pm unless you are staying for an adult supervised activity.

Parking Lots: Please remember students may not occupy or visit the parking lots in between class periods without the permission of a teacher, Joe Salmon, or an Administrator. The only exception to these rules are at lunch IF the student has an approved Off-Campus Lunch Pass, and they intend to leave school grounds for lunch.

Bus Transportation: Bus drivers may no longer accept parent notes from students to ride another bus home. Students will now need to pick up a temporary bus pass from Jeanie. A note or phone call to Jeanie from a parent is needed in order to get a temporary bus pass. Take care of this BEFORE 2:30pm.



Transcript requests: If you would like to have your final transcript sent to a college, educational institute or to your home after graduation, please fill out the yellow transcript request form located at the counseling desk. All fines must be cleared before transcripts are sent out. Do Not go to EVSD.org as this site is for past graduates only.

Scholarships/Careers/College/Military Visits:






FAFSA UPDATE: (StudentAid.gov.fafsa)

Transcript Requests:

Seniors & Underclassmen: Requesting a transcript through the EV website is for past graduates only. All students needing a transcript need to stop by the counseling desk to sign the red transcript request form.


To request a transcript - please use the red sign-up sheet located on the senior bulletin board in the counseling hall (located on the left side just before the steps). Please sign your name & where you want your transcript sent. Provide an address for out of area colleges. If you want to pick your transcript up, it will be in the transcript cubby located on the right of the bulletin board in an envelope with your name on it. Transcripts are generated twice a week so please plan ahead. All transcript requests need to be picked up by Friday of the week requested. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST A TRANSCRIPT THROUGH THE WEB, THAT OPTION IS FOR PAST GRADUATES ONLY. TECHNOLOGY WILL NOT PRINT TRANSCRIPTS. PLEASE NO NOT ORDER YOUR TRANSCRIPT FROM YOUR COUNSELOR VIA E-MAIL.


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